Sound Waves

by Gary Baugh

Released 2013
Released 2013
This NW singer/songwriter creates some of the most interesting original songs with stylish melodies and turn-of the-phrase lyrics. A beach, a boat and a bar are common characteristics of his musical encounters. So,... untie your lines and jump aboard.
Gary's songwriting creates images and stories that invite you in.
Sitting on the back of his boat, Gary says, " I want to give the listener a 4-minute 'vacation' from their daily routine and maybe a story that touches something in their own life. Music has a way of transporting us to a desirable location, a memorable moment or as a witness to a poignant story."
Crediting legendary songwriters like Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot and Jimmy Buffett with his love of the art, Gary continues to develop his craft. "Inspiration can come through a variety of channels and usually when I least expect it. A photograph, a phrase I overhear someone say, or just a beautiful setting."
Call it beach music, "gulf and western" as some have called it, but Gary just likes to call it "island music".
Gary has just begun to re-launch a musical career that started back in the 70's when he shared the stage with Dave Loggins, Chi Coltrane, Fleetwood Mac and others.
So,...untie your lines, jump aboard and enjoy the musical cruise!