by Gary Baugh

Released 2014
Released 2014
A trio of song colors vastly different from each other with the light-hearted “Marina, Marina”, the hard-charging, working man’s, “That Woman of Mine”, and the insightful examination of “Reflection”.
Gary’s latest work is a dichotomy of stories and feelings. Watercolors is his second solo release featuring three songs of different shades. “Marina, Marina” is the introduction to every captain’s favorite “dock-girl”. “Marina, Marina, she couldn’t be sweeter/She’s my island girl, my sea-salt diva/She can loop your cleat with one hand/while sippin’ a Captain’s/ooo-la-la, I’m fallin’ in love”. Paying tribute to the working class, “That Woman of Mine” places us in the helm seat of one man’s dedication and devotion. “Every time I leave port/ She’s countin’ on it bein’ short/The debt I owe’s the price I pay with time/I wanna hold That Woman of Mine”. The acoustic, “Reflection”, asks the listener for self-evaluation. Realizing past poor decisions; “Turning wrong when you should turn right/ and waking up in the middle of the night” then provides encouragement by realizing the personal positives; “You got a gift that only you can share/ c’mon and show yourself that you really care”. Watercolors is a voyage not to be missed. Styled with memorable hooks, these three will have you humming for days.