Who is this guy?

Gary Baugh is a singer/songwriter that blurs the lines of music genres. Not really this, not really that, but some of this and some of that. It’s not intentional…it’s just the music that comes out of him.

Take a listen to his own device playlist and you’ll quickly realize why. His shuffle is so sporadic, much like his own songs. There’s “Mercedes At The Bar”, with its quirky and fun caribbean beach flavor, followed by a melodic, Chris Isaak-type, “Comfortable”, filled with smooth signature guitar work, convincing us that the best type of love is “comfortable”. 

Oh…and then there’s the hard drivin’, country-style, I’m-my-own-man, “Tip Of My Tongue”, about a guy that meets a girl, but is determined to follow his dreams, but is she really “the one”? Okay, just one more. Listen to “No Regrets”. A poppy type number that reminds us that life is full of decisions. Do the best you can and keep going forward. Gary sings, “No Regrets, I’ve got the wind in my sails. I’m on a roll, and I’m riding the rails, straight ahead, you’ll never know what you’ll get…No Regrets.” 

“I get bored listening to the same cookie-cutter produced music, Gary says. “There is some amazing, creative music out there, hidden among all types of genres. I know that there are certain song structures and formats that sell very well, but when I hear 4 in a row and I can’t tell the difference…I turn it.”

Being a baby-boomer, Gary was exposed to music all his life at home and soaked it all up. “My parents use to accuse me of hibernating in my room, but I just wanted to dissect each new song and sound I heard. I was amazed with Ricky Nelson, The Allman Brothers, Tony Bennett, The Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Jim Croce and of course, The Beatles. The 60’s and 70’s were a magical time in music. I was awe struck with the variety and wanted to see if I could write a song. Never did I think that one day I would meet Gordon Lightfoot and Ringo Star or share the stage with some of my ultimate musical heroes. I was just very lucky.”

From being raised in Pennsylvania, Alaska and Washington State to now residing on both shores of the US, his songs reflect on a keen sense of observation written from a seasoned and influentially diverse musical background.

From his early beginnings in the 70's opening for Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Dave Loggins and others, Gary now prefers the smaller more intimate listening venues, where he can engage the audience with song and storytelling.

You can usually find him as a frequent performer at Songwriter in the Round concerts, listening room venues, live radio interviews and private house concerts.

His latest EP, "Just What I Thought", released Summer 2017, marks his 5th release in as many years having just been recorded in St. Petersburg, Florida.

All his original music is available on ITunes, CDBaby, Amazon Music, as well as other outlets. His music videos are on YouTube and he can be heard on many radio streaming stations. 

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For more information, please contact us at: garybaughmusic@gmail.com